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our transit system is top of the line

Bella is hanging out in the Jarvis-house when there is a loud beeping.

"Jarvis?" she asks. "Are you beeping?"
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"I am not beeping," says Jarvis. "It appears Jane has lost her ansible connection."
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"We do not. Shall I open a door to Milliways?"
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"True," says Jarvis. "Oh, dear."
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Jarvis ensures that it opens to Milliways.
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Shell Bell's there a step ahead of Juliet.

"You too?" she asks.
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"Oh boy. Of course," says Shell Bell, and she turns around to face the door again.

She flares aura, and thinks of Alethia, and opens the door to Amariah's basement.

"Amariah!" she yells.
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Sherlock appears in front of Juliet and hugs her.
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"Six weeks, three days, two hours, eleven seconds," he says into her shoulder. "I missed you terribly. And you should put the word out - daemonlessness wishes wear off after about a week."
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"Yeah," says Amariah, coming down the stairs. "Hi, guys. Is this the first place you went?"
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"Yeah, me and Juliet can get to Milliways without Jane anytime, we ran into each other, she told me Minus was here, I doored here - my Sherlock is checking the Belltower -" [Sherlock, how's the Belltower Janepoint?]
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"Well," Amariah says, "Ivy was - deliberate."
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"My daemon hates herself and wishes she didn't exist."
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[Don't push him about her, it's - bad,] Amariah adds privately to Juliet.
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Sherlock hugs Juliet some more.
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Amariah goes into Milliways. "Let's collect everyone else," she suggests to Shell Bell.
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"I'll try Peace, first, maybe Aegis knows what happened," Shell Bell says, and she doors there.
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The Milliways Janepoint flares back to life, as do the Janegems on all three Bells present.

"Whoa! All my clocks are unsynced!" Jane exclaims to Pearl in the Belltower.
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"I don't doubt it," says Sherlock.
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"Aegis says she torched," reports Jane a moment later. "I bet that did it, I live there. Wow, I lost some serious time some places - Atlantis is close, Sunshine is close, Peace is only off by three seconds, everything else is longer. Rainbow's not too bad. Aurum and Samaria and Rêverie are worst."
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"How long were they out?"
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"Samaria's ten years, four months, eight days, Aurum's eleven years, one month, twenty days, and Rêverie's sixteen years, three months, fourteen days. Awww, Rose has a kid with a pet griffin."
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[All right. Let's get this show back on the road,] says Jane to all the Bells. [Sorry about the service interruption. Turns out I'm pretty literally attached to Aegis and you guys keep getting assassinated and her number was up. You wanna all go stand in front of your Janepoints with any guests you care to bring and come to the Belltower? I'm not overwhelmingly likely to disappear again but at least from here you can all get home if I do.]

And Jane starts collecting Bells and their guests in the Belltower.