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Bella visits her minions (and other demonic populations on Mercury) regularly, compliments them on nifty bits of gardening when applicable, makes sure they don't need anything, and is considering soon asking them if they want an Interdimensional Internet terminal despite the fact that her Earth is not yet prepared. Not today, though. The other worlds don't even have that rolled out yet.

In she pops to their common room.
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[So there's an upgrade out to the agony beam, the Origin Jokers came up with it,] Bella informs Sherlock, [and I know I never actually use my agony beam, but I went ahead and got the new version anyway.] There is a suggestive lilt to her tone, not that she'd have to deliberately put one there for him to notice it.
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Bella teleports to where Sherlock is and flops down somewhat lapward. "Just checking," she says, "if I disappeared for several decades I would not come home to an unexpected alt of Carinna, right?"
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After Bella has gotten a temporary sufficiency of snuggling (cough) from her Sherlock on her return, and announced to everyone it may concern that Jane is up and the missing Bells found, she calls a person who is now known to have an interesting alt.

[Hey, Giles!]
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Having minions comes in handy surprisingly often. They aren't very effective at tasks, but they're very good at acting miniony, and in some contexts it is exactly what she needs for added diplomatic consequence to have three or four of them following her around, addressing her as "Your Majesty", carrying stuff for her. They wanted detailed feedback; they get it. She learns all their names and supplies reports whenever anything out of the ordinary happens and once every other month. They're even doing pretty neat things with the garden. There is now a dense red-flowered shrub that is sort of the same shape as her. Soph has taken it upon herself to teach them board games and hangs out in the palace playing Parcheesi with available minions plus Tony on a routine basis.

Val's interview with James goes well; Bella starts calling her Ambassador, but only when she feels like getting laughed at. Other ambassadors accumulate. There's always work to do, and when it becomes wearying there's always people to love. Bella doesn't sleep. Sleep is boring.

She has a crown now, which pleases the minions to no end, though she doesn't usually wear it when she's not on Mercury. It's simple, just a ring that comes to a peak over her forehead, made of glossy indigo metal that matches her Jane-necklace. It attracts flames when she auras.

Here she is, not-sleeping with two minions, Soph, and Monopoly. When it's not her turn she is reading up on the cultural practices of the Kknrr demons.
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After talking to Soph and sending her off to make gingerbread houses with Tony, Bella says:

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Bella goes to Mercury to do her forking.

She decides - since she can order up a custom fork at all - that her fork might as well have a copy of all her memories since she found Soph. To understand, to know what she's doing in the world, to not instantly want to punch Juliet in the nose for mishandling Soph in some way. To know what day it is, if nothing else.


And then there are two.

And the new one cocks her head, and says, "Don't worry, we can merge - well, I will, anyway, who knows if the crystal ball was lying - but first why don't we surprise Sherlock?"

And the not-new one smiles, and says, "Why not?"

And at precisely the same time, they teleport, wearing matching smiles.
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Bella is hanging out in a Jarvis - the familiar one - handwriting a nonaggression proposal-slash-bribe. Has to be handwritten. Damn fussy demons. At least it's okay for her to conjure rather than personally harvesting the weird ink she's supposed to use.
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Bella has just been to visit the Mikleeeeeeeee. It went well, after she flared aura and shouted abuse at the crown prince. (Demonstrating this form of "heedless confrontationalism", it was explained by a quarter-Mikleeeeeeeee girl James found for her to talk to, an essential part of the species' diplomatic process. This held up under lie-detection, but Bella found a few examples via pastwatching before actually doing it.) They have a treaty; they're going to get back to her with revisions they'd like made to their dimension and they're going to end the five hundred year "human season".

Now she's between tasks, hanging out in one of the Jarvises.
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Jane tells everyone what happened regarding the Alethian afterlife.

And little tidbits about surrounding events, too.

Bella has been hanging out in the Jarvis she knows better, mentally composing a treaty for the Vxaabli demons, and as she hears the story she slowly, slowly tenses up like a spring.
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When Juliet leaves the party, she goes to meet the new Jarvis.

She knocks, to be polite.
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Bella is hanging out in the Jarvis-house when there is a loud beeping.

"Jarvis?" she asks. "Are you beeping?"
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Bella has now read everything that has been written on the neutral demon species known as the Sessiaki. It's not much - it's never much - but she now has a general low-confidence picture of them and will probably be able to talk to one civilly without making them want to slap her. She's already juiced up her teleportation to take her to demon dimensions and back, but the Sessiaki supposedly have enough of a pattern of integration that there could easily be one visiting the earth at this time. She tried her crystal ball, but all it showed her was a couple of apparent siblings talking about nothing in particular, laughing.

After school (she's phoning it in at this point, but to placate Charlie's wish to "not have one of those children who just never shows up to school again one day", she is still showing up to take classes as honestly as she can with perfect recall and all the subjects pentagoned) she wishes up a globe sort of like Stella's, only it's small enough to keep in her bedroom (she can zoom in) and it shows demons and local magic instead of ingots and coins, and she can narrow down the pins from many kinds of demons to just one. Where might she find a Sessiaki here on Earth, pray tell, magic globe?
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Bella returns to Sunshine with her aura fully withdrawn - this is a little like keeping her eyes closed; not default, but not effortful either. It's just past dark when she reappears.

[I'm home,] she announces to everyone who's likely to wish updates on her whereabouts.
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Bella keeps busy.

She has no shortage of things to keep busy with. She's meeting "neutral" demon species - the non-neutral ones are more of a problem, but are also likely to be more delicate to handle. She's planning her own space-base; she might put it on Mercury so she's not copying anybody. She's talking through Jane with the rest of the peal about the upcoming trip to Pattern's Saturn (heh, that rhymes) to enchant it. Since Golden isn't going to be using Jokes as an enchantment channel, Juliet's going to borrow him, and Shell Bell's going to ask Ghosty, unless any of the relevant Jokers register an objection to this arrangement. They should be able to cover a large swath of the gas giant in a day or so and all come back with fantastic new auras. Rose only took as long as she did because she had to learn out of books as she went along and was not overambitious about her enchantments.

She's conservative with her coins. Bella can't quite get up the temerity to ask her Sherlock whether he and Tony have been getting up to anything minty. It's common knowledge that Sherlocks aren't quite as productive as Jokers are, boosted or not, so Juliet doesn't think Stella thinks much of it when asked for a few extras in the higher denominations. (Stella is the one with three mints. And an established empire that doesn't need a lot of startup-cost coin use.) Everyone knows Juliet has a Sherlock and not a Joker. Everyone knows Juliet has a trickier worldstate to start from than most Bells.

But she has no implicit explanation for running out of mere pentagons.

Someone would ask - someone would say "are things not back to normal between you and your Sherlock?" - and Juliet doesn't want to talk about it, not any more than she has to, doesn't even want to say she doesn't want to talk about it.

She thinks she's doing a good job of acting normally around him. Occasionally something will trigger her into a rash of distressed solicitousness, but mostly, she's behaving like everything is fine, everything is normal. Except that she's leaving the ball completely in his court in terms of scheduling the resumption of physical relationship components. Snuggling and kissing are firmly back on the menu, and she helps herself. He's bitten her once, since, and she's glad it was one of the lucky bites (regeneration helps, he can go on without worrying about her health). Because she can just imagine awkwardly squirming and making excuses and teleporting to her bedroom rather than risk wheedling him when he's some unknown amount of fragile and has some unknown constellation of needs that he can't tell her but definitely don't include being pushed about anything labeled "sex".

And she has no implicit explanation for running out of pentagons.

But she does still have her Slayer leftovers.

Pain tolerance.

What was it Shell Bell would have done for her, months ago, if she could've stood to do it? Broken her arm?

Bella can't think of a great way to break her actual arm - well, she could just wish it broken, but the no-bootstrapping constraint on minting might make that pointless.

She can break her wrist, though.

She sits on the edge of her bed and she clasps her hands together and pretends one of them belongs to somebody else and that it needs to break. She feeds her autopilot. She twists. It hurts. She holds it in place just enough that if she lets up at all she gets squares instead of pentagons. She mints.
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Juliet lands at the Jane-installation point without incident.

[I'm back,] she announces to Sherlock, Tony, and Jarvis all at once.
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Bella gives James a lift back to her home after they bid their alts in Milliways goodbye.

"Tell me about your best friend. Does everybody call her Virgo?"
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This vampire nest was supposed to have six vampires in it. This trip to L.A. was supposed to involve this nest as the first stop of several. This time Sherlock's information is imperfect.

[Fuck,] says Bella, after having burst through the door, masked and armed with her stake, [they're having all their friends over today - help -]
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Bella wakes up a day and a half later, a medical miracle with a splitting headache. (Between what she knows about her own construction and what the doctors mutter to the nurses, the demon stepped on her, it broke her spine, she passed out from pain and shock, and she could have easily died if she weren't blessed or the Slayer - both were probably called for.)

[Sherlock? Giles?] she attempts, when she's solicited and received pain medication.
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Ooh, Milliways. It's in her house - inside her house, in the closet where she was about to seek a change of pants - so she can't invite Sherlock along without inviting a vampire into Charlie's house without Charlie's consent. Ah well. She can still go check the Belltower. In she goes!

There's a Whistle. She can't remember this one's name, he's the one whose Bell hasn't been in. "Hey, Whistle," says Juliet.
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